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REVEAL Skin Analysis

We are happy to offer our REVEAL Skin Analysis System in an effort to deliver comprehensive skin consultations to our beautiful clients.

What Is REVEAL Skin Care?

Our team at Modern Dose makes every effort to provide exceptional aesthetic care. As such, we are happy to offer our REVEAL Skin Analysis System in an effort to deliver comprehensive skin consultations to our beautiful clients. The REVEAL System is a device that utilizes a newly designed imaging module that takes precision photos of your skin. This device is made to maintain your comfort while quickly classifying your skin type and detecting your facial features with pinpoint accuracy. Using this device, our specialists can determine your individual skin care needs and offer effective treatment options to help you look your best.


How Does REVEAL Skin Analysis Work?

The REVEAL Imager, created by Canfield Scientific Inc., is an advanced skin analysis tool designed to produce state-of-the-art facial imaging. The purpose of the Imager is to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their skin’s surface and underlying tissue where most complexion problems begin. This powerful technology helps us visualize and analyze signs of sun damage, spider veins, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and other conditions.

What Does REVEAL Skin Analysis Treat?

By having a clear visual of your skin conditions, we can effectively target and treat them with great precision and accuracy. REVEAL’s technology allows for exceptional skin monitoring as well, giving us the ability to assess your skin’s progress throughout its healing journey.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Following your imaging, you will be able to select skin care products and treatments from REVEAL’s personalized built-in library. This way you will be given a full understanding of what your body needs and will have full control over your treatment course. Personalized Printed Reports can also be provided to you for greater education and treatment planning.

Results of REVEAL Consultations

REVEAL Skin Analysis consultations allow for effective skin imaging and treatment determination. By coming in for a consultation, you can gain a thorough understanding of your specific needs and work with us to determine the treatment course best suited for you. Through proper skin care based on your analysis, you can expect greater results and a better long-term treatment outcome.

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REVEAL Skin Analysis in Lindenhurst, New York

At Modern Dose, our mission is to provide the Lindenhurst, New York community with the highest quality professional aesthetic services. That is why we are excited to provide our powerful REVEAL imaging technology to our clients. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (631) 429-DOSE or click the button below (follow the steps to register if you haven’t yet). We’re looking forward to your visit!


* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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