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PRP for Hair Loss

PRP for hair loss is an excellent way of retaining your hair and preventing future hair loss.

What Is PRP for Hair Loss?

PRP is an exciting, non-surgical, therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions. This treatment allows you to grow new hair, permanently, with greater coverage and density than existing hair replacement methods. We can report a 90% success rate, and patients experience a 20% growth rate or more with our PRP treatment.* It is also a superb tool to stop thinning hair when it starts. In addition to PRP treatments, Modern Dose also provides Nutrafol hair growth supplements, which you can buy online.


How Does PRP for Hair Loss Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as autologous conditioned plasma, is a derivative of blood. PRP is a common treatment used in skin rejuvenation, hair loss, and overall body healing. This treatment, in particular, works by using your own blood to promote the body’s natural regenerative process. When injected into the scalp, PRP promotes hair regrowth by stimulating follicles that have become dormant over time. PRP therapy is a quick, in-office procedure with very little downtime that can safely restore a thick and healthy head of hair.

What Does PRP for Hair Loss Treat?

PRP for hair loss is an excellent way of retaining your hair and preventing future hair loss. Doctors typically use this treatment when hair loss results from androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Through an injection of PRP into the scalp, you can see an increase in the density and thickness of your hair over time. This treatment is more effective when used earlier in the hair loss process.

What to Expect During Treatment

During your visit, a small amount of blood will be drawn and platelets will be separated from the blood using a centrifuge. Afterward, the derived PRP will be injected into hair-bearing areas on your scalp. It takes about 30 minutes to perform the entire procedure. During the course of the session, you will feel pin prick-like sensations similar to getting injections. These may cause some discomfort, therefore a topical numbing cream and a cold air chiller can be used upon request to provide a more comfortable experience.

Man looking at his hairline in the mirror

Results of Hair Restoration Treatments

Following your treatment, you may immediately resume a normal diet and activity level. However, we recommend not using styling products for at least 36 hours to avoid irritation. Furthermore, avoid hair dyes for 2-3 weeks. If you are using a topical medication such as Rogaine, this may be resumed the following week. Patients can wash their hair the next day. To reduce swelling, ice may be placed on the injected areas after 24 hours as needed. For most patients, maintenance treatments every 6-12 months are recommended to maintain results.

PRP for Hair Loss in Lindenhurst, Long Island

At Modern Dose, we believe that everyone is entitled to have a full head of luscious hair. Our PRP for hair loss treatments target areas of diminished hair on your scalp, stimulating your follicles and leading to long-term hair growth. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (631) 429-DOSE or click the button below (follow the steps to register if you haven’t yet).


* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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