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Facial Volume Loss

Certain treatments can offset facial volume loss and improve your appearance.

What Is Facial Volume Loss?

Collagen and elastin are the two components responsible for the elasticity, texture, and appearance of our skin. When facial volume loss occurs, it can make us look much older than we truly feel. Furthermore, after 30, facial volume declines at a more rapid pace, making it much harder to maintain our appearance. After that time, we begin to develop uneven pigmentation, shallow cheeks, dark circles around the eyes, and skin laxity. Unfortunately, the aging process cannot be fully reversed, but certain treatments can offset volume loss and improve your appearance.

Why Does Volume Loss Occur?

As mentioned, lost facial volume increases and becomes more and more pronounced over time. While losing collagen, it may seem like nothing is enough to prevent skin laxity and volume loss from occurring. Additionally, though this loss occurs naturally, it can be exacerbated by environmental conditions. Frequent exposure to the sunlight, dirt, and irritants can all contribute to signs of premature aging.

Our Treatment Options

Modern Dose is dedicated to providing for our New York clientele. Our expert team works hard to offer effective facial volume loss treatments to those who seek them. We administer these treatments with the precision and care needed to provide long-lasting results with little to no downtime. All of our procedures start with an in-depth consultation assessing your personal skin needs. 

Our Treatments Include


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Treating Facial Volume Loss in Lindenhurst, Long Island New York

At Modern Dose, our team works hard to deliver effective aesthetic treatments while minimizing downtime. Our treatment options can effectively help restore plumpness and radiance to skin ravished by volume loss. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (631) 429-DOSE or click the Book Online button above.

* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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